Table of Contents

A Surprise at Breakfast 
Are We Equal?
Back to School
Beating Coley in Whiffle Ball
Blowing Bubbles
Bonding With Gemma
Boz Scaggs at Emerald Queen Casino
Build-A-Bear With the Grandkids
Candace, Me, and Glass Spider Tour
Cashing in a Magic Dime
Christmas in February: Michael Che Comedy Show
Cousin Lee Died Today
Dana Was Never Late
David Bowie: 1947 to ∞ in 2016
Elliana’s First Mariners Game
Envisioning Infinity
Farley's Wit: The Story
Farley's Wit - Number 1: Attorneys Create Confusion and Personal Injury Representation
Farley's Wit - Number 2: Justice System in Anatomical Terms and Bankruptcy Representation
Farley's Wit - Number 3: Prosecutors Push Plea Deals and Divorce Representation
Farley's Wit - Number 4: Reasonable Doubt for Prosecutors and DUI Representation
Farley's Wit - Number 5: Abuse of Deferments and Class Action Representation
Farley's Wit - Number 6: Public Defenders and Pharmaceutical Lawsuit Representation
Farley's Wit - Number 7: Protection Orders and Handy Free Pamphlet
Farley's Wit - Number 8: Federal Court Nominations and Setting Up a Super-PAC
Firing My Shrink
From Hell to Purgatory: A Poem for the Children
Fuel Filter Fun 
Her Name is Imogene: My 1977 MG Midget
How I Became Goldwing Tom
Hutch’s Super Bowl 50 Party 
I'm Sorry Limbaugh is Sick; I Wish He Were Dead
If Schools Taught Life Skills in 1980 
If You Are Tired of Politics, Lose Your Opinion, Too
In Memory of Dick Jordan
Inner Struggles
Is It Measure Once?
Is Not Caring Anymore a Mental Health Issue? 
Just When I Needed It Most 
Marketing Bankruptcy (Newsletter: Issue 295 in May 2000)
Me, Myself, or I
Movie Review: The Unkindness of Ravens
Movie Review: Three Wise Cousins
Mr. Grumpy (2014-2019)
Ms. Woodstock: An Apathon Legend
My Daughter's Wife
My Mom's Computer
Negotiating My Weight
Parents Beware: Schools No Longer Teach This Important Skill
Playing With Gemma
Pondering Death and Its Options
Prancer (2001-2019)
Proposed New Rules for the Road 
Public Relations in Adverse Situations (Newsletter: June 1999)
Recipe: Blackened Salmon or Steelhead
Recipe: Ellasagna
Recipe: Sausage Gravy and Biscuits
Remembering Dad: He Always had a List
Remembering Dad: He Loved Trivia, But Not Trivial Pursuit
Remembering Dad: His Newsletter Obituary
Remembering Dad: His System of Cycling Junk
Remembering Dad: Lunches with Ron MacDonald
Remembering Dad: The Day May Got Him
Remembering Dad: The Newspaper Beating
Remembering Dad: The Rice Salad Standoff
Remembering Dad: Was it a Prank?  
Remembering Mom: Finding Her on the Floor
Remembering Mom: If Her Services Had Been About Her
Remembering Mom: She Knew Her Tomato Plants
Resolution Through Self Reflection
Run Tony! Run! 
Saving CUPS Part 1: Trapping the Moles 
Saving CUPS Part 2: Explaining Contra Accounts to CPA's 
Saving CUPS Part 3: Slaying the Dragon
Struck from the Jury
Super Bowl 50 Trivia
Surviving in a Sea of Depression
That Endearing Moment with Noofie Bugg
That Endearing Moment with Tickle Belle 
The Best Christmas Present (Newsletter - Issue 302 in January 2001)
The Census Taker 
The Family Finale
The Fishing Trip (A Final Version): Dedicated to Chas Henderson 
The Kids Are Back!
The King Who Was President and Other Presidential Tidbits 
The Pains of Learning ( Newsletter - Issue 296 in June 2000)
The Problem With Knowing It All
They’re, There, or Their
Three Seriously Stupid Serious Songs, part one
Three Seriously Stupid Serious Songs, part two
Three Seriously Stupid Serious Songs, part three
Three Songs About Addictions
Three Songs About Adultery
Three Songs About Ex-Boyfriends
Three Songs About Ex-Girlfriends
Three Songs About Masturbation
Three Songs About Revenge Murders
Three Songs About Richard Nixon
Three Songs About Smugglers
Three Songs About Theft
Three Songs About Toxic Relationships
Tidal Wave of Love
Topping Her Dad at Something
Trail of Dreams
Uncle Rudy: The Fix-It Man
Welcome to My Nightmare 
You Hold Him Down; I'll Tie It To Him 
Yvonne Koecke (1935-2020): Third Eerie Premonition About Death Came True