Saturday, December 28, 2019

My Daughter's Wife

As wrong as my daughter got it the first time, she got it that right the second time!

Her wife doesn't need to be the center of attention, and she doesn't need to use some really tough experiences in her life to explain abnormal behavior. Rather, she uses her experiences to imagine how others must feel in their circumstances. She has a healthy ego, but she also has a lot of empathy. She has a keen awareness about herself. She listens to learn rather than to know what memorized response is appropriate.

She has a managerial mind. She takes many things into account when she makes decisions. She does not sacrifice long-term objectives over short-term problems. While many people ride the currents of rivers hoping to hang on through rapids, she is learning to sail ships through storms. She will be reaching exotic shores while many others are hopping onto the buses that take them back to the parking lots where they left their cars that morning.

She is a rainbow child by chance, and a timeless source of positive energy by nature. She might have been a hippie at one time, or a beatnik at another. She has some flapper girl in her, and she would definitely have been pinned up by soldiers during the great war while also showing the world what Rosie the riveter meant to the cause. She would have been a suffragette, and she would have been an abolitionist. It wouldn't matter when she lived; she would have been on the right side of history.

We all loved her from the first moment we met her. There was no need for her to grow on us. We did not have to accept her just because of who her spouse is; we were able to love her both for who she is and who she is with. She can light up an entire room, or she can flicker like a candle in crowd. What she always does, though, is sparkle and shine.

She is not perfect. She is critical of herself, but not to demean herself. She examines her motives. She wonders if the easy way is the right way, and she will take the more difficult route if it isn't. She wonders if being softer or harder is best. She wonders what she might have done differently when there are problems. She fixes what she is able to, and does her best with what she cannot fix. She is creative and resourceful, but not perfect. She knows it more than it shows.

She has an old soul. She has learned many of life's lessons at a much younger age than many, and she has used those lessons to compel her growth more than others who were in those same classrooms. Whether she is the student or the teacher, she learns from her counsel with others. On the job, or in life, she knows how to calculate the numbers, what lines to put the numbers on, what the numbers mean to her overall objectives, and what she needs to do to balance the numbers more advantageously.

I love our conversations. I think she does, too.

My daughter is who she is. She was the coolest kid I ever knew, and she is still the coolest person I know. She is goal oriented. She is ultra-competitive, but she won't compete for any prize she does not deem worthy. If she does compete, though, you know you've been in a battle. She always wants the best of everything. Her ability to hone in on a target is impressive.

When it comes to wives, she hit the bullseye.

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